Removing Ugly Toilet Bowl Stains January 31, 2014

Removing Stubborn Toilet Bowl Stains

House cleaning typically involves scrubbing and the toilet bowl is no exception. Toilet bowls stains are often caused by hard water. We have hard water in the Sacramento Valley and it can cause rings in the toilet bowl. This has nothing to do with if or if not the toilet is clean. The stains are mineral deposits. The solution we have here at Sacramento Green Clean is a pumice stone. A pumice stone is the ultimate in green cleaning! No harsh chemicals, just a piece of naturally occurring pumice. They are awesome at removing unsightly stains. Pumice stones are often used to remove calluses on feet so they can often be found in the skin care section at your pharmacy or big box store. They are also sometimes available in the cleaning department.

To remove the stains, soak the pumice stone in water for 15 minutes to avoid scratching the porcelain. Drop the water level in the toilet by flushing and then turning off where the water source comes out from the wall. Be sure and wear gloves and scrub away. On colored toilets gently try the pumice stone first to make sure you will not remove the color. A little elbow grease is needed. All done, the unsightly stains are gone and you have a sparkling toilet!

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